ClimachX Night Ride

I haven’t been out on my Mountain Bike much lately, but with only 3 weeks until the Dyfi Enduro I thought it was time to re-acquaint myself with it.

John and I did a night ride in the Dyfi Forest last night. John had a brand new Trek Fuel EX8 to demo so after a little pfaffing setting that off, we headed off up the hill and into the evening. The ride was good, perfect weather but the trails were very wet. My new tyres certainly feel better on the descents with not only more grip, but more predictability when they slide as well. They do seem to drag quite a bit on the climbs though.

The ride went without incident, taking in most of the ClimachX trail and the Builth Descent. Here’s my video footage from it. Although I did film the final descent, it was getting darker by then and much of it is too dark to be of any use. Not to worry, I’ll just have to do it again. Despite the onset of dusk, we didn’t need our lights which was nice.

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  1. David Riche says:

    Breathtaking, I really enjoyed the ride!

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