Junior Triathlon Training

Hooray, Summer finally arrived yesterday, but it took its time coming.

We had a busy day ahead of us so my day started at 5am with a bike ride. Nothing too exciting, just a couple of time around the Borth Loop, with a 14 mile Time Trial effort thrown on for good measure. Unfortunately the sun had yet to make an appearance and it was a little misty and murky out there and not too warm either. There was no wind though. I saw Nia going the other way around the loop a couple of time and at least the roads were quiet at this time of day. I wasn’t particularly fast though.

Once back at home and showered it was time to take Morgan to a triathlon training day in Machynlleth. Run by Cerist Triathlon Club and held on the school playing fields, they had a really good attendance. One of our Scouts has been showing an interest in training for triathlons so I had told him about it and he turned up too, so at least Morgan knew someone there. Not that I think it would have mattered if he didn’t as he soon got stuck in. There were 27 children there ranging in ages from about 5 to 15 so they were split into two groups. Whilst one group was running the others were biking and they all seemed to be enjoying themselves.

I stayed there watching and chatting to friends on the sidelines, although it was pretty cold as the sun was still shrouded by low cloud and it even looked as though it would rain for a while. So much for the heatwave we were supposed to be having. At the end of the session they organised a small age-group duathlon which was fun. A short run, a quick bike and another short run had them all competing head to head. Morgan loved it and did quite well too and they were all presented with a water bottle at the end of their race.

Morgan and I then headed off to the leisure centre for a swim before having lunch in the cafe. The sun had finally come out by now so after a quick shop in the Coop Morgan and I headed home after a busy morning in Machynlleth.

Anna had been out playing in the band. They had been playing at a concert at the Station in Borth, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the station. The station has had a makeover and today there was a gala celebration with various fun things going on all day long. She arrived back soon after us, but the sun that had made an appearance in Machynlleth had yet to make it to Borth. It was still cold and cloudy here so the afternoon of garden activities was put on hold for a while. Instead we all sat down and watched the ITU triathlon series race from Kitzbuhel. We had quite an interest in this, not only because it was a unique course and Brit Alistair Brownlee crushed the competition, but also because we may be going there next year for me to compete. I have pre-qualified for the European Age-Group Triathlon Championships that is in Kitzbuhel, and it looks nice a nice place to visit, so we’d better start saving so that we can afford a holiday there.

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