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Green Green Lawn 0

Is it a…. lawn???

Well, it’s taken a fair bit of effort this year but I think I can proudly claim that the area of green out the back of the house is once again a ‘lawn’. Yep, lush green growth, a thick carpet of healthy grass and not a weed in sight!

The Apiary 2

Enjoying the Garden

I made a nice early start on Saturday so that I could have some time to enjoy the garden. By 9am I had done an hour or so of cleaning inside the house and had spent a couple of hours cleaning my car. This was followed by an hour of lawn mowing and by 10am...

Working in the Shed 1

A DIY Weekend at Home

It seems to be a rare occasion that we get a whole weekend at home these days, especially one with no real events to attend. But that is exactly what we’ve just had. This was partly due to the fact that Morgan was ill so couldn’t go to a special orchestra practise that he was supposed...


Mellow Yellow

The garden seem to be going from its ‘Purple Passion‘ stage into a ‘Mellow Yellow’ mood instead,.

Aquilegias 2

Garden Pinks & Purples

Just some photos from the garden which seems to be going through it’s usual May Purple-Pink phase at the moment – That is if you ignore the burst of yellow from the poached egg plants.

Bluebell 0

Time for Gardening

The garden is beginning to take shape. I did a little more work on it at the weekend, but the jobs that need to be done still keep mounting up, I just don’t seem to be able to find the time for gardening at the moment. The plants don’t seem to mind though and things...

Aloe Vera Flower 0

Aloe Vera Flower

What started as a tiny little Aloe Vera plant about 18 months ago has turned into a monster. It’s huge, looking healthy and has now produced a pretty impressive looking flower spike. It’s been living in the conservatory, but I think I might have to propagate some baby plants from it soon and try some...

Water Feature 1

Springtime Chainsaw Massacre

This weekend saw the first proper Springtime assault on the garden.   Gorgeous March weather with plenty of sunshine and very little wind saw the temperatures creep up close to double figures. Anna was working all day Saturday and I spent the day trying to get the garden under control. I had planned on sorting...

Hive Inspection 1

First Look at the Bees

At last, the temperature made it into double figures this morning although it has dropped again now to 9.7ºC. I have loads to do in the garden and just about managed to squeeze in some time out there today. The first job was to dig out the compost bins and bag up the compost ready for...

Goldfinch 2


Nice to see that my lack of work on the garden lately has it’s benefits. Goldfinches feasting on leftover seed heads.