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Christmas Lunch in a Box

Food Boxes We’ve been doing well with our boxes of food this year. Gousto, Hello Fresh and MyCookbox have all been living up to expectations and better still, thanks to the referral program and people using our links to sign up to receive cut price boxes we’ve earned lots of free boxes ourselves as well....

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Triple Chocolate Cheesecake 1

Triple Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe

As it was Mother’s Day on Sunday we (Morgan and I – well, me really!) decided to make her a yummy triple chocolate cheesecake. I was going to go with Anna’s favourite, and our usual cheesecake recipe that we have perfected over the years. However, getting hold of chocolate Philadelphia would be difficult in Borth so...

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Christmas Dinner Curry 1

Christmas Dinner Curry

It wouldn’t be Christmas without loads of leftovers and what better to do with them than make a Christmas Dinner Curry. I didn’t stop at the turkey either, in went the stuffing, in went the sprouts, even the pigs in blankets and some nice sausage meat and cranberry balls that we had. Any leftover veggies too....

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Chilli Jam 1


After our little trip to Devil’s Bridge for Earthcache day, we ended up doing loads of cookery in the kitchen. I had already made a start on this years Christmas Cake and the mixed fruit had been soaking in over ½ a litre of Brandy, Whisky and Black Cherry Brandy Liquer, so the next task was...

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