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Completed Conservatory

Our new conservatory is now completed. It took a little longer than originally planned and there were a few little niggles towards the end to sort out but Mid Wales Windows who built it for us were quick to address them and it is now all ours. We’ve been spending a lot of time in...

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Interior Walls 2

Conservatory – Nearly There

Progress has slowed down a little on the conservatory over the past week or so. The guy who has been tasked with doing the plastering, rendering and tiling only works a couple of days a week so there hasn’t been a huge amount of activity. He has now finished though. He did the internal plastering...

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Roof glazing 0

Conservatory Glazing

Progress on the new conservatory has been good today. We now have Pilkington Self-Cleaning Glass in all the frames and the Pilkington Blue Activ self-cleaning solar control glass in the roof. A few little finishing touches have been added here and there as well. There is still quite a bit to do, the electrician is...

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The Cat Flap 3

A Most Expensive Cat Flap

No, this isn’t an excuse for me to tell the joke I saw yesterday about the dyslexic Yorkshire man – He was wearing a Cat Flap (sorry!), it’s actually an update on the conservatory and the fact that it now has a cat flap. If you thought the cat flap itself was expensive at £60...

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Conservatory taking shape 0

Conservatory – Up she goes!

Things have been happening fast and furiously with the conservatory today. The builders have started work on the frame so things are really starting to take shape now.

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Conservatory Doorstep 1

Conservatory Progress

Progress has been a little slower than expected on the conservatory so far this week because the builders have had some issues with their van so didn’t always have the necessary materials on the replacement van that they had to use. They were also called away this morning to tidy up a few loose ends...

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New Soffits 0

Out with the old…

As well as our new conservatory, we’re also getting the soffits and fascia boards replaced around the house. When we built the house about 7 years ago we had wooden fascia boards and soffits but these haven’t lasted very well at all. We need to be constantly painting them to keep them looking nice and...

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Conservatory Wall 0

Conservatory – Up go the Walls

For those of you keeping up to date with our conservatory build, here’s the latest update. Another nice dry, sunny day for the builders and today they’ve bricked up all of the exterior walls and have also laid the paving slabs around the conservatory. All is going well and we’re beginning to get an idea...

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