A Most Expensive Cat Flap

No, this isn’t an excuse for me to tell the joke I saw yesterday about the dyslexic Yorkshire man – He was wearing a Cat Flap (sorry!), it’s actually an update on the conservatory and the fact that it now has a cat flap.

If you thought the cat flap itself was expensive at £60 then that’s nothing when you consider that this was in fact the reason for the conservatory in the first place. Yep, a whole conservatory just so that we could have a cat flap that will probably never be used by our silly cat. No doubt all the other cats in the neighbourhood will use it though.

We also have glass in the conservatory now, but not yet in the roof. It’s all coming together nicely though.

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Anna says:

    I’ve started the cat flap training although I have to say it’s not going well. Robbie the cat is not impressed with the glass in the conservatory walls and seemed to prefer it when she could jump over the walls or walk out between the frame.

    I’ve shown her the catflap and will feed her out there each morning but so far I’ve had to wait for her to calm down she push her through the cat flap and she was not impressed at all! This morning she looked for any other escape route rather than use the cat flap. I’m sure she considered climbing the ladder onto the roof rather than use the catflap! I will win this one (although it may take several years!)

  2. Avatar forComment Author Anna says:

    Training has taken a backwards step this morning. Cat would not put one paw in the conservatory, let alone think about using the catflap. I may have to rethink my strategy!

  3. Avatar forComment Author Anna says:

    Small step forward this morning as I actually managed to get teh cat to exit the house through the new conservatory. OK, I did have to block off all other escape routes and she didn’t actually use the catflap but its a start (I think?)

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