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Off for a Surf Ski Session 0

Sunny Surf Ski Session

Having worked loads of extra hours last week, I was owed a bit of time. So, when the sun came out on Wednesday afternoon and the wind dropped off I couldn’t resist finishing work an hour early so that I could get out for a lovely relaxing surf ski paddle on the estuary. I met...

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Helter Skelter 0

Aberdovey Triathlon

The Aberdovey Triathlon was never in my race schedule for this year, but last weekend at swim training I was asked by the organiser if I’d be kind enough to help someone out and do the swim section of the race for them. They wanted to race but didn’t feel comfortable enough in open water so...

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Crabbing 4

Car Rides, Crabbing, Carveries and Calories

Aberdovey may only be a mile from here as the crow flies, but it’s about an hour away by car so we don’t go there that often. However, it was the Boardwsie Demo day in Aberdovey at the weekend, Cerist Tri Club were doing an open water swim from Aberdovey, Anna’s Mum was here, and we...

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Lunch at Sea 0

Canoeing to Aberdovey

The sun was shining, Morgan was off school and I’d promised him we would get the canoe out and go to the beach. So, after a meeting in the morning that is exactly what we did. Slip, Slap Slop and we were ready to do battle with the sun and the waves. Our inflatable canoe that...

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Windsurf GPS Trace 1

Exploring the High Seas

I had another really good windsurf session yesterday. The wind was NW at about 20 knots so I went out on my big board (104 ltr Starboard S-Type) with my 5.6m Gun Nexus sail from the seafront. That was perfect, just the right amount of power for some fast blasting but completely in control and...

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Wind against Tide 0

Wind against Tide

One of the reasons we built a house here is that its such a good location for windsurfing. With 4 miles of sandy beach on our doorstep and plenty of Westerly winds and waves, the seafront from Borth to Ynyslas is perfect. But that isn’t all, we also have the more sheltered waters of the...

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Aberdovey Windsurf Demo

It was the second of the two annual windsurf demo days at Aberdovey this weekend. Basically, Boardwise and a load of windsurf manufacturers turn up with lots of new boards and sails for us to try. There are usuaully a few celebrities from the windsurf world there too. Despite the fact that it is only...

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Canoeing in West Wales

I can’t believe this weather. Yet another beautiful sunny day yesterday. In a way we had hoped for some wind as it was the Boardwise Windsurf Demo weekend in Aberdyfi, but as there wasn’t a breath we decided against driving all the way around just to look at some expensive boards that we can’t afford....

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