Sunny Surf Ski Session

Having worked loads of extra hours last week, I was owed a bit of time. So, when the sun came out on Wednesday afternoon and the wind dropped off I couldn’t resist finishing work an hour early so that I could get out for a lovely relaxing surf ski paddle on the estuary. I met Alistair there with his kayak and we headed off in the sunshine towards Aberdovey.

Sunny Surf Ski Session

Off for a Surf Ski Session

Off for a Surf Ski Session

Alistair Kayak isn’t quite as efficient as my surf ski so I was taking it super easy and still had to double back for him a few times. I don’t think it was quite such easy going for Alistair though. There was a bit of swell and chop as we crossed the main channel to Aberdovey. We then headed east following the northern coast of the estuary to Picnic Island. There was an Outward Bounds group on the jetty in Aberdovey. The kids were jumping off the structure into the water with shouts and screams as they did so. The RAF were also out enjoying the sunshine with big jets flying overhead. Other than that all was quiet.

We turned around at Picnic Island and then headed across to the sandbanks in the middle of the estuary before making our way back to Ynyslas.

Once back at home I did a 30 minute turbo trainer workout rather than the originally planned 1 hour. Not much, but at least I still did something. It was still pretty chilly out on the water even with air temperatures around 10°C. However, the sunshine gave us a taste of what will hopefully be a summer full of sunshine and fun on the water.

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