So much for Spring

It’s been freezing out there today. The temperature only rose to 2°C, but Ivor our local katabatic wind was blowing his socks off all day long. 30-35 knots in the estuary, making it feel bitterly cold out there. So much for my post about the first flowers of spring, it’s now well and truly back to winter.

I should really have gone for a windsurf session or a surf as the surf looked good as well, but I must be getting old as I wimped out and went for a nice easy run instead. I remember only too well how uncomfortable the ice-cream headache was last year whilst surfing in sub-zero temperatures, so decided not to bother. Mind you. with the windchill, even the run was a little chilly.

There are two ways of calculating windchill, the old way and the new way! I’m never really sure which one to use, but when I went for a run this morning the temperature was -1.2°C and there was a 40 mph wind blowing, this gives a windchill of -11°C with the new calculation and -21°C with the old one. It doesn’t really matter which one you use, they both sound pretty cold!

The weather station here uses yet another measure called ‘Feel Like Temperature’ which is a quantitative measure that indicates the amount of heat the human body loses therefore giving a temperature for that perceived by the body. The factors contributing to the ‘feels like’ temperature are air humidity, density, wind speed. The feels like temperature recorded by the weather station whilst I was out on my run was pretty close to that of the new wind chill temperature, at -11.1°C

I’m sure this changeable weather isn’t doing the bees any good either. They were out and flying just a couple of days ago, now they’ll be huddled up in their hives trying to keep warm.

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