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It’s half term again so Morgan is at home with me. That means an early start for me so that I can get work done and out of the way before Morgan gets out of bed, giving me plenty of time to keep him entertained.

This mornings entertainment was a trip to the hospital for my CPK levels blood test, then a trip to the doctors to check out Morgan’s ear infection, before coming back home and tidying the house. Once that was done we had some lunch and then set about making a stop motion animation. We could have gone mountain biking, geocaching, kite-flying or a number of other things, but all Morgan wanted to do was make an animation.

He had grand plans for a Doctor Who animation using all of his Doctor Who figures that culminated in a big battle with monsters emanating out of holes in the ground, the Dcotor falling into a hole and all sorts of other things. Far too complicated for Morgan who barely had the patience to do the quick animation that I suggested instead.

I suggested he simply had a gang of figures disappearing into the Tardis and that was that. If he used enough of them it should look as though the Tardis was indeed bigger on the inside than the outside and it should be easy to do. I gave him a few little tips, suggested that Doctor Who could wave at the end and told him to make sure he took a photo without the Tardis in the scene so that I could make it disappear.

I then set the camera up and left him to it while I sat there supervising but not getting involved. Morgan only did 53 photos but that was just enough to make this little animation. Hope you like it, Morgan seems quite pleased with it!

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  1. Dunja says:

    Hi Morgan,
    I really like your animation. Especially at the end when the Tardis disappears and reappears a few times although I did not understand if that happened because of the Tardis “flying”?
    Say ‘hello’ to mum ‘n dad
    from the 4 Schwabs

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