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Swell Morning 1

Election Day at the Blue Lagoon

Morgan’s school was closed once again for polling on Thursday. So, as is now customary on election days we spent the day at the Blue Lagoon water park in Pembrokeshire with Morgan and two of his friends, Tom and James. I was up early as usual and was going to go for a bike ride,...

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Givens - VO2 Max workout 1

Bank Holiday Activities

Dawn Chorus in the Dunes That was a good bank holiday. My usual early start but for a change I didn’t get up immediately but lay in bed listening to the dawn chorus. The blackbirds and sparrows were in good voice and they were soon joined by Skylark too. I’m sure there were robins and plenty...

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Morning sunshine on the Coast Path 2

Talybont to Porthmadog Coast Path Run

Coast Path Vital Stats Talybont to Porthmadog Distance: 26.78 miles miles Elevation Gain Today: 348m Highest Elevation: 73m Time: 4:59:16 Av. Pace: 11:11 mins/mile Av. Heart Rate: 127bpm Max Heart Rate: 154bpm Calories: 2464 Totals to Date Total Distance Completed: 104.05 miles Total Time: 18:34:12 Total Elevation Gain: 3252m Total Calories: 10531 Distance to go: 776 miles I haven’t been able...

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Wind Band Concert

After a busy day and a lovely windsurf session, it was time for a quick dinner and then back into Aberystwyth for another concert. We went to the Schools Concert in the Arts Centre last week as Morgan was playing in the schools Wind Band. Today it was the Wind Band Concert which included the Youth...

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Sunny Windsurf Session

After my first windsurf session for absolutely ages on Monday, the conditions on Tuesday were even better. Much sunnier and a bit windier too with slightly larger waves as well. It would have been rude not to go out again but with a busy day planned and lots to do I only just managed to...

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Annoying Wind! 0

Annoying Wind

No, I’m not referring to any of Anna’s habits (we won’t go there), I’m talking meteorologically. It was plenty windy enough when I got home with gusts touching 40 knots so headed over to the beach with my little wave board and a 5m and 4.5m sail ready for what looked liked being a really good...

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Snowy Hills 0

Winter Returns

After a few days of sunshine, winter has returned. There was loads of snow on the hills yesterday and the beach was icy and it looks as though there has been another fresh fall of snow on the hills overnight too. Even the low hills behind Ynyslas have a covering so I’m sure there’ll be...

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Windsurfing – Back on Board

Those of you who knew me a few years ago won’t quite believe this, but it has been ages (literally months) since I’ve been windsurfing. So long in fact that I don’t want to look it up to see how long ago it was! This may not seem unusual to some people, but considering the...

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Breakfast 3

Boreaton Park Scout Camp – Day 2

And we’re off – After Day 1 of our 2016 Scout Camp to PGL Boreaton Park, Day 2 started as usual with a huge breakfast and the usual trauma of making sure everyone had everything they needed for the days activities. Canoeing As the first of these activities was canoeing everyone had to be organised with clothes...

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