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More Snorkelling

Just a quick video today as we managed to press the wrong buttons on the GoPro do missed much of the snorkelling action today. All of the diving and swimming around under the water, the lobster, the blennies and the clear blue seas failed to record as we were just taking random snapshots rather than...

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Aberaeron Harbour 0

Days in the Sea

This summer weather is just too good. 20-odd degrees and wall to wall sunshine yet again yesterday and it looks set to stay that way all week. The sea is luscious too. Deep green, as clear as can be and warm too. It was especially warm yesterday afternoon in Borth. The sun had been warming...

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Looking Back to Trails Just Ridden 0

GritFest 2018 – Race Report

An epic weekend of riding brought to us by GritFest 2018 – Wales’ premier gravel race Gorgeous Weather brought to us by the Welsh Summer Flawless timing and race results brought to us by Sportident New ‘Team Scimitar Endurance’  race kit thanks to Scimitar Sport Stunning Scenery brought to us by the hills, valleys, lakes,...

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Jumping into the sun 1

Thalassotherapy – Oh I do Like to be Beside the Seaside

Oh I do Like to be Beside the Seaside I guess that’s no secret, I not only like ‘being beside the seaside’ but being in the sea itself too. There’s just something about it, and not only for water-sports lovers such as myself. Take Anna, she barely ever gets in or on the sea but...

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New Scimitar Race Kit

I took delivery of my new race kit for team Scimitar Endurance the other day. It looks really good, (even with me in it) and the quality is top notch too – its the same stuff that the TORQ team use. The chamois pads in the bibs tights look really comfortable and well sculpted –...

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Father’s Day without Mum

With Anna away I presume there was some frantic planning to make sure Father’s Day was sorted before she left. I’m sure there were some text messages to remind Morgan as well, or maybe I should give him more credit! However it happened, there was a card along with chocolates and beer presented to me...

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Full on Power

The conditions were just too good to miss once again today. Sunny spells, 20-30 knots SW winds, warm waters and 3 miles of sandy beach. I just had to go windsurfing. My foot was feeling quite a bit better after a couple of days relative rest to allow the wound to heal. It wasn’t fixed...

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The Garden Grows

I may not have been able to mow the lawn this week but at least things are looking good elsewhere in the garden. With Storm Hector hitting Wales I half expected it to look a mess out there but thankfully we didn’t get any massive winds and the storm itself was short-lived. temperatures remained quite...

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