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Bomb Hole at Ynyslas 2

Bombs at Ynyslas

Don’t worry, Ynyslas hasn’t become the latest terrorist target, but we do often get bombs exposed here and so see the Bomb Disposal Unit here detonating them fairly often. These are usually found on the beach or in the dunes and if deemed live, the Bomb Disposal Squad explode them. Often the first we know about...

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Lemon Cheescake 1

Lemon Cheesecake Recipe

Mmm Mmm Lemon Cheesecake! That was quite a success and so easy to make as well. Anna had been away for a couple of days on the Isle of Man, so I thought I’d make a cheesecake for her as it’s one of her favourites. Unfortunately when Morgan and Pat went shopping they forgot the all important...

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Dyfi Estuary Pano 0

Full on Friday

That was a good day, especially as it was only Friday and not even the weekend. Up early as usual after a poor nights sleep for an hour or so of work on the computer and then off for a fairly hard 70 minute run from home. It shouldn’t have been that hard as it wasn’t...

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Llanddwyn Island Views 1

Menai Bridge to Maltraeth Coast Path Run

Coast Path Vital Stats Menai Bridge to Maltraeth Distance: 23.12 miles Elevation Gain Today: 322m Highest Elevation: 50m Time: 3:38:32 Av. Pace: 9:27 mins/mile Av. Heart Rate: 125bpm Max Heart Rate: 148bpm Calories: 2019 Totals to Date Total Distance: 244.02 miles Total Time: 44:38:14 Total Elevation Gain: 7017m Total Calories: 21190 Distance to go: 641 miles Another early start...

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