Lighter Pack

I know some of you (you know who you are!) will ridicule me for this, but I came across a cool website the other day called It’s not that clever really, as all it does is allow you to create a list of items and their weights and it works out how much your backpack is going to weigh.

Actually, now that I come to write about it, it isn’t really that clever at all as it’s just a spreadsheet, but it does allow you to create multiple lists and drag kit into them so that you can compare and contrast, and it draws a little doughnut chart for you too.

It also gives you a javascript snippet so that you can share your lists. So, you know what’s coming next don’t you? My OMM ‘LighterPack’ list! It doesn’t have the tent or stove in there yet as I’ll be sharing that with Lawrence but I’m not sure how we’ll divide that up yet or how much each component weighs. Mind you, after a few hours on the hills Lawrence might be carrying me so that won’t really matter!

Now to see if there’s anywhere I can make some savings.

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