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Goddard 1

Slow Recovery or just Plain Lazy

I’m either having a slow recovery from my cold, or I’m just being plain lazy. Getting back into it After trying to get back into some training last week after having had a cold, I did OK for a few days but then over the weekend fell off the rails a bit again. Thursday’s swim...

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Weblog as Therapy 4

Weblog as Therapy

This weblog is many things. It’s the starting point for our amazing weblog book. Hopefully its’s entertaining, interesting, informative and useful. Some posts are fun, some are serious. It covers an eclectic range of topics, from baking to beekeeping, technology to triathlon or windsurfing to wildlife, it’s all here. It’s a journal of our life...

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TrainerRoad Workout Summary 0

Ultimate Turbo Trainer Set Up, Gadgets, Software and Workflow

I’m quite pleased with my turbo trainer set up, the software I use with it, the ‘workflow’ I have to record everything and the gadgets that I use to make this happen. I’ve mentioned many of them here in passing, but thought I’d write a post about the whole kit and caboodle. What I use, how it...

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Fenix 3 Setup 89

Garmin Fenix 3 Set Up

As you may know, I’m now the proud owner of a Garmin Fenix 3 watch. It took a while to get it as it was stuck at the delivery depot for weeks and the two companies that were involved in delivering it (UK Mail and Cooper Carriers) didn’t seem able to communicate with each other, so...

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Climbing 1

Holiday to Dorset – Climbing (not) and a day in Weymouth

Wednesday morning dawned bright and sunny once again we had no sleep as the room was so hot. I therefore went out for an early morning walk into the reeds of the Lodmor Country Park as the sun rose.   I returned with croissants for breakfast for Anna and Morgan. We complained about the ridiculous heat...

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Dunderberg 1 Hour Time Trial 3

No Time Off and a Long Walk for Dinner

One of the main reasons I didn’t want to go flat out in the Dyfi Dash Sprint Triathlon race on Sunday was the fact that doing so usually takes quite a bit out of me. It sounds silly for a race that only lasts just over an hour but if I give it everything I...

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Heart Rate From Hill Reps 1

Hellish Hill Reps

After what was supposed to be a recovery week training wise, it was back to it today with some hellish hill reps. Not that the preceding week was exactly restful thanks to lots and lots of work to do, both website design work and working at the University, which meant that in order to fit...

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Elephants 3


Just a quick update on triathlon training to give you a break from the aquascaping project! Things are going OK as I gradually ramp up ready for the season. I’m losing a bit of the weight that I put on during JOGLE last year as well. I’m nowhere near race weight yet but it is at...

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