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Reverse Periodised Training 3

Reverse Periodised Training

I’ve decided to try something completely different this year with my training and do everything back to front as far as the periodisation is concerned. My training has been a little lacking lately anyway and I just don’t seem to have had any ‘oomph’ during training sessions. There’s been nothing in particular, but I just don’t seem...

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Is MAF Training for me? 0

Is MAF Training for me?

I’ve been doing MAF style training during the winter months for the last few years now, but I’m beginning to think that although the concept is a good one, that the actual MAF method doesn’t work for me. With that in mind it was time to put my thoughts into a blog post. What is...

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Time for a MAF Test 0

Time for a MAF Test

Hot on the heels of my FTP Test on  the bike on Monday, it was time to monitor progress (or lack of) in my running by performing a MAF Test. MAF, a term coined by Dr. Phil Maffetone stands for Maximum Aerobic Function – I won’t go into it here as I have a post planned about it...

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A Long Run 0

A Long Run

I got a bit carried away on my ‘long run’ on Sunday. I went just over 14 miles in the end, the furthest I’ve ever run. It didn’t feel too bad either and was generally just under 8min/mile pace, except for the one big climb which was quite slow and the slippery descent afterwards which was even slower. Not...

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Trail Marker 3

Pennal Super 7 Trail Run – When will I Learn?

Many of my friends were planning a trail run in Pennal Forest on Sunday morning. I would have joined them but they weren’t starting until 9am and I wanted to be finished by then so that I could swim in the pool in Machynlleth. However, Shem had marked out the route with little yellow markers...

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Flat Frogs, Flying Pheasants and Fabulous Fungi 0

Flat Frogs, Flying Pheasants and Fabulous Fungi

Thankfully I may have overreacted in my frustration at twisting my ankle whilst on a run last Wednesday. Following the injury I rested it completely on Wednesday and Thursday and by the evening the swelling had subsided somewhat. I was going to get on the Turbo Trainer regardless on Friday as I didn’t think that...

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Torn Ankle Ligaments 3

Torn Ankle Ligaments

Grrrr…. I’m annoyed! I haven’t posted much about my triathlon training lately. I have been doing some, but nothing too much, just ticking along over the past few months. I had however been getting back into it ready for the winter. Swimming My swimming rarely changes but I’ve been getting in the pool a couple...

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Outdoor Pursuits in Aberystwyth

Considering the amount of time I used to spend windsurfing, surfing, mountain-biking and other such Outdoor Pursuits I have been fairly lacking in such activities lately. Other things seem to have taken over and there just aren’t enough hours in the day and days in the week to fit it all in. Triathlon training certainly...

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Concentration 1

Cross Country Qualifying

Once again this year Morgan was selected to represent his school in the Aberystwyth District Cross Country Championships. That is despite doing no training whatsoever, something that we will nave to address as he could do quite well if he just did one or two runs beforehand to remind himself of how to pace etc....

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New Training Schedule 1

New Training Schedule

I’ve been lucky enough to have Pete Jenkins writing a training schedule for me each month over the past couple of years. It’s nice to have and I tend to follow such a plan if someone else has written it. For a start I don’t have to spend time coming up with a plan myself...

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Schwarzsee View 2

Kitzbühel – Day 4

Day 4 of my trip to Kitzbuühel was here and with my race over and my ascent of the Kitzbuheler Horn complete, it was time to relax some more and support Helen and Andrea in their races. I started the day nice and early with a few geocaches in the town of Kitzbühel before having...

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This Way 1

Kitzbühel Day 3 – I’ve got the Horn

Now that my race was over, it was time to enjoy my holiday in the Austrian Alps. This of course means starting the day with a big breakfast, and with the exceptional food on offer at Hotel Jagerwirt this wasn’t going to be a problem. A pot of coffee A bowl of Alpen with mixed...

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