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A Change is as Good as a Rest

For some reason we’ve all been exhausted for the last couple of weeks. Anna is tired, Morgan is tired and even I’m staying in bed until 6am! My training has been terrible as a result too. I took it easy while I was ill a couple of weeks ago but just haven’t been able to...

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Bounts Reward 0

Fitness Rewards

As a quick follow up to my recent ‘Get Rewarded When you Exercise‘ post I thought I’d let you know that the Bounts scheme has been working well for me. I’ve been gradually amassing points and rather than cash them in when I reached enough points for a £5 voucher decided to hold out for...

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Drugs 2

Helicobacter Gut Infection

As I think I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve been back and forth to the doctors recently for some blood tests. First I was referred by the opticians Second I was due a routine cholesterol check-up Third they asked me back by mistake when they received a letter from my opticians Fourth because of a few unusual...

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Movement Levels 4

Sleep Tracking Comparisons – Garmin Fenix 3 and Xiaomi Mi Band

I’m not the greatest of sleepers – sorry, but I can’t be good at everything! So, I’ve always been interested in sleep tracking just how much sleep I do actually get. My Garmin Fenix 3 does this for me thanks to it’s inbuilt sleep tracking abilities (just one more reason why I love it), but...

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Higi Rewards 13

Get Rewarded when you Exercise

Exercise Rewards As far as I’m concerned, exercise of almost any form is already fairly rewarding. It’s good for your health, it’s good for your general wellbeing, it makes you look and feel good, it can get you out in the real world doing cool things and visiting nice places and the release of endorphins...

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MAF Tests Chart 1

MAF Test Progress

You may remember that I’ve been doing regular MAF test runs throughout the winter. The idea behind these Maximum Aerobic Function (MAF) tests is that you are running at a fairly easy intensity so you aren’t exerting too much stress on your body. Over time as your body adapts, you become more efficient at this heart rate and...

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Acromioclavicular Ligament Tear 3

Acromioclavicular Ligament Tear

What seems to be an never ended stream of injury and illness continues, this time with an acromioclavicular ligament tear. yep, I’m falling apart! Until recently, my shoulder had been fairly bullet-proof. Despite lots of swimming and the wrenching and pulling of windsurfing I’d never had any issues with them. This changed over Christmas whilst on a usual...

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Christmas Eve Activities

Christmas Eve Swim With Christmas Eve here, it was time to try to tire Morgan out a little so that he’d be able to get to sleep tonight before Santa came. I couldn’t sleep for some reason again so was up early, and Morgan was up quite early too, but we had some plans. So, after...

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