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The Long Way Home

Sunday was a lovely day here in West Wales. Clear blue skies, and sunshine but with quite a chill in the air. There was little wind either so a perfect day for a walk in the hills. First though I headed out for a paddle on my surf ski as I haven’t had chance to...


Llyn Padarn Time Trial – Nov 2019

After a day in the hills I had expected to sleep well in the camper, but despite all the walking, a nice big dinner and hot chocolate in the camper I didn’t sleep a wink. I chilled in bed in the morning though and then got up and had a chat with the girl in...


Surf Ski Shopping

With no cyclocross race this weekend and having cracked my surf ski on Monday, I was heading north on Sunday to Colwyn Bay for the second in the series of the North Wales Surf Ski Paddlers races. Snow Dusted North Wales in Autumn It felt as though I’d forgotten something as I headed off without...


Expensive Habits

I seem to be hearing that more and more these days. Not usually associated with spending too much money, but more due to the fact that I’m out swimming in the sea, cycling, paddling or running at all hours of the day and heading off to races or on adventures all the time. This week...


Cracking Waves at Ynyslas

We had a fairly rare (for this time of year) calm day here at Ynyslas on Monday. Well, calm for here anyway with winds in the 10-20 knot range but they were blowing offshore and there was a lovely swell to go with it. A nice 3 foot swell peeling nicely off the sandbanks at...


A PB for the Llyn Padarn Kayak TT

I know that A 2 hour drive to Llyn Padarn and a 2 hour drive home again is a terrible use of my time for a kayak time trial that takes less than 30 minutes. It’s not particularly good for my bank balance or the environment either so I don’t attend all of the Kayak...

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Rainy Days & Waves

I couldn’t let Monday get all of the credit. Tuesday is just as good a day after all. it may have been raining but there were waves so it was off to the beach again for some fun rides on my surf ski.

Monday Morning Waves 1

Monday Morning Waves

It’s not exactly training but when there are waves about it would be rude not to go out for a little play. Lots of life out there at the moment as well with huge bait balls being dive bombed by gannets and gulls and even a guy out fishing from a surfboard.


Gloucester Hasler – K1 Kayak Racing

Following on from my baptism of fire in the Tewskesbury Hasler a few weeks ago I thought it was time to give it another go. This time at the Gloucester Hasler. I don’t think two races quite make me a kayak racer but it’s a start. I had at least now paddled a K1 a...

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September Surf Ski

I haven’t posted any footage of me on my surf ski for a while. I have been out in it now and then but not as much as usual as I’ve been trying to get to grips with my new K1 instead. ON the few occasions that I have been out I haven’t taken my...