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Grey Waves

It’s that time of year between Christmas and New Year. We’re all at home, there’s loads of food to be eaten and there’s not much happening. This year it’s also pretty grey and uninteresting out there. Thursday was drizzly and still to start the day so I headed out for a nice easy run. I’ve...

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Surf Ski Repair

Well, that was a nice quick turn around – I should be back on the water in my surf ski now. After further inspection, the crack in my surf ski didn’t seem quite as bad as it first looked. It was only superficial damage to the gel coat, but I thought I’d get it checked...

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A Birthday Crack

With the winds having finally dropped enough for us to put our giant inflatable elf out on Monday evening, it would have been remiss of me not to get out for a paddle on the sea on Tuesday – especially as it was my birthday. So, that’s exactly what I did with a nice little...

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Watery Light 0

Chilly Waves

Brrrr, it feels as though winter is here. 4ºC pretty much all day long with a cold SE wind as well. There was snow on the hills when we got up and the sun didn’t ever get too high in the sky. I had a day off work thanks to a few hours annual leave that...

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Through the Whitewater 1

Swell Leftovers

Yep, only 36 days until we’ll be eating leftovers from Christmas, but the surf gods delivered early this year. After an epic weekend of surf and loads of energy from the forces of nature, things were a little calmer on Monday morning. A much lighter offshore wind and some leftover swell. There was just enough...

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Frosty Ski 0

Earning the Frosty Badge!

Brrrr, that was a chilly frosty one. Minus 4ºC on the Borth & Ynyslas Weather Station when I headed out for a surf ski paddle this morning. The grass was crusty with frost, the sun was just putting in an appearance and wisps of mist were rising from the sea. Tiny waves lapped against the...

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