Paddling Buddies

Not being allowed out on adventures on my own means that I’ve had to rope in some friends for activities such as sea swimming and surf-skiing. Fortunately there are plenty of people about.

Into the Waves

My first time back out in the waves was a little surf ski session. Morgan came with me and had a little surf himself. The conditions were nice, the water felt a little warmer and we both caught some nice waves. It was nothing too hardcore of course, but good to get back on the water.

Evening Paddles

I’ve been joining the Aber Kayakers for a relaxed evening paddle on the gravel pits too. The surf ski or K1 kayak that I’ve been in have drawn a few weird looks. Everyone else is in a little play boat or a sea kayak. Even the sea kayaks look small and manoeuvrable in comparison to a 6.2m long ski!

So far the weather has been lovely each evening. I tend to go straight from work so get there early giving me time for a stroll along the river Rehidol in the evening sunshine.

The gravel pits are a little tame for a surf ski really, but at least it gets me out there and maybe meeting some people who will be up for some longer paddles on the sea. I’m hoping to join them on a camping weekend too which should be fun.

Sea Swimming

With the water warming up I decided it was time to get in for a swim too.

Off for a Swim
Off for a Swim

Richard came to join me, as did Toria and we had a nice easy swim along the beach here at Ynyslas. Keeping it local not only meant a nice easy walk to get there but also the ability to jump straight into the shower afterwards. Ynyslas was the ideal location from a safety point of view too. Nice calm waters and a shallowly shelving beach led to a mile long swim without ever getting out of my depth!

Surf Ski Newbie

A guy called Will contacted me a week or so ago. He said that he was about to buy a surf ski. He had seen that I surf skied in the local area and wondered if I’d take him out for a paddle. Perfect, another paddling buddy for me, and this time one in a similar craft. We therefore met up on Sunday for a paddle from our house, along the beach and across to Aberdovey. We then headed up the estuary a little way before heading back to the beach to play on the tiny waves.

Will was a little wobbly to start with, and even more so when he had a go on my ski but he was looking more comfortable by the end of the paddle. I was trying out a new set of paddles but didn’t really get on with them. I’ll try them again but I’m not sure if I’ll keep them or not. I have a feeling I’ll have to put in some effort to keep up with Will soon though.

It’s good to be back on the water and with some wind forecast I might get out windsurfing in the waves this week.

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