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Whale Removal 4

Ynyslas Beach Whale Removal

The beached Whale at Ynyslas has been removed today. I just so happened to notice a digger go past the house whilst I was vacuuming the living room and thought to myself that it was probably going to the estuary for a spot of whale removal. So, after my chores and an hour of easy...

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Me Swimming 1

Sensational Swimming – A Secret Underwater Dawn

The days maybe getting shorter and summer maybe coming to an end, but we’ve had a sensational few days of open water swimming here in Aberystwyth. There has been no rain for a while and no wind either so the sea is super clear with amazing visibility. Although, starting the swim in moonlight means that...

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Red Admiral 2

Garden Wildlife

Another glorious day here, cloud free skies, barely a breath of wind and temperatures hitting 21.3ºC. Not bad for the end of September. Garden Wildlife The garden was alive with wildlife when I went out there this afternoon. One of the aims of the garden was for it to be a haven for such creatures...

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Tortworth Chestnut 0

Family Days Out

As I think I’ve already mentioned, rather than having a proper family holiday this year Anna and I are taking several days here and there off work so that we can have lots of long weekends. Last weekend was just such a weekend and we were heading towards Bristol for a large ‘Cole Family Picnic’. Friday started...

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Swimming with Dolphins

Another early morning swim in Aberystwyth. This time with Helen, Emma, Richard, Larry, Martin and Victoria and a small pod of dolphins. Dolphins! We could see the dolphins in the bay before we got in, playing in the early morning sunshine and chasing fish. We got in and swam out towards them and then after...

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Moors Valley Country Park 0

Holiday to Dorset – Moors Valley Country Park

As was now customary on this holiday, I headed out first thing in the morning for an early morning walk to find some geocaches. This time I headed in a different direction along the network of Cycle Paths and found a nice little nature reserve to stroll through. I found a geocache as well, but...

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Flat Frogs, Flying Pheasants and Fabulous Fungi 0

Flat Frogs, Flying Pheasants and Fabulous Fungi

Thankfully I may have overreacted in my frustration at twisting my ankle whilst on a run last Wednesday. Following the injury I rested it completely on Wednesday and Thursday and by the evening the swelling had subsided somewhat. I was going to get on the Turbo Trainer regardless on Friday as I didn’t think that...

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Spotted a sparrowhawk in the garden the other morning. Typically my camera was in the car so I couldn’t get a decent photo of it, but her’s a quick snap from my phone from within the house. It’s taken through the windows on a dark, murky morning hence the poor quality, but it’s the best...

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Pink-barred Sallow 0

Pink-barred Sallow

We put the moth trap out the other night. There wasn’t a huge number of moths in it by the morning but there was a new garden record for us in the form of a Pink-barred Sallow. Elsewhere in the moth trap were: 3x Large Yellow Underwing 6x Setaceous Hebrew Character 6x Small Square Spot...

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