Sea’s Alive

I haven’t managed to go fishing again since I was out SUP fishing on Monday, but I have been swimming a couple of times and the sea is alive with fish at the moment. It’s madness. Small bait fish (mainly sprats) are literally throwing themselves onto the rocks and beaches around here. All in an attempt to escape the clutches of predatory mackerel. The mackerel are in the midst of a feeding frenzy, snatching at anything that so much as moves or glints. Drop in a mackerel trace or just a hook with some silver foil on it and you’ll have a frenzied mackerel on it in seconds. No doubt there are larger predatory fish such as bass making the most of the feast at the moment too. The seabirds are certainly cashing in on the bounty as the skies are full of them and they are mopping up the stranded fish from the beach too.

Not only have people been mackerel fishing from kayaks, SUPs or just from jetties but many have been out with buckets just collecting from the beaches. It doesn’t take long to collect several kilos with just  a simple stroll along the beach – they’ll keep in the freezer for a while and are apparently delicious just fried in butter with a few herbs or spices. A simple sea food feast. I really should try it as there’s nothing better than free food!

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