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Summer Colours

The sky is blue and the sun is shining once again. 22ºC at the moment and we must be getting used to this as it doesn’t feel hot, just pleasantly warm. Unusually though there are some white fluffly clouds in the sky today. Things are looking OK in the garden with some nice bright colours despite...

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The Garden Grows

I may not have been able to mow the lawn this week but at least things are looking good elsewhere in the garden. With Storm Hector hitting Wales I half expected it to look a mess out there but thankfully we didn’t get any massive winds and the storm itself was short-lived. temperatures remained quite...

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Summer Continues

The gorgeous summer weather continues here. 25.5ºC yesterday which was plenty hot enough, especially for lawn mowing! 20ºC today was mouch more comfortable and lovely blue skies throughout. The sea is feeling as though summer is here and the garden is growing well. I had a busy day on Monday, starting off the day with a...

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Getting Stuff Done

You know me, I just love getting stuff done. Early Morning CX Ride I was up early as usual on Saturday morning. I managed to do an hour or so of work on the computer and then decided to go for a ride. I could have ridden with Simon later in the day but it...

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It’s Friday

Hooray, It’s Friday. The sun is shining, I’ve already mowed the lawn so the garden is looking nice ready for us to enjoy at the weekend, and the forecast is good. And just look how busy the beach is!

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Bank Holiday Garden

It may have been a bit of a misty murky start on the beach… The sea is out there somewhere honest. It didn’t stop me doing some work in the garden before jetting off to Italy though. The sun even came out as I did so. It’s going to be a scorcher.  

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Springtime in the Garden

Nothing much to report from the weekend really, except for the fact that the thick sea fog that we had to contend with on Friday did clear on Saturday to leave a glorious day. Perfect for a surf ski paddle and then a Gravel Bike ride in the hills. The enforced rest of the previous week...

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Garden Clearance

I do often wonder what things would be like if I didn’t do quite so much training each week. It’s takes up quite a lot of time, usually about 15 hours a week. I’m not training seriously at the moment but trying to fit in several swim, kayak, bike and run sessions a week, along...

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