Bee Pool Party

The bees seem to be loving the new garden pond. There were literally hundreds of them all lined up along the edges at the weekend.

We had a hedgehog visitor at the weekend too, and there was a cool photo of a stoat on top of a fence post in the dunes here posted on Facebook too. I also saw a kestrel hovering over the dunes on my way back from the beach – there must be lots of little mice and other rodents in the dunes for these predators at the moment.

It was a nice sunny weekend now and then with plenty of wind too so I spent much of it on the beach windsurfing. It’s not often we get to sail fully powered up with a 4.5m sail and small board amongst big waves in July. Somehow, the warm (relatively) waters and sunshine make things less intimidating out there.

The only other news from the weekend is that Morgan has got himself a part-time job working as a receptionist at the local caravan site. It’ll be good for him to have to get up at a normal time now and then!!! Although, to be fair to him he usually does when he needs to, it’s just that he doesn’t often need to.

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Mum x says:

    Bless them, hope they had a lovely day basking in the sun …We certainly didn’t have any sunshine, so spent the afternoon ringing church bells !
    Which caravan site is Morgan working in ?

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