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Man-Flu Lurgyitis

Well, it had to happen – Man Flu! After months of shielding, isolation and generally being careful, Morgan had to go back to school. Sure enough, within a week he had a bit of a cold so had a day off sick.  For some reason, despite being generally fit and healthy I always seem susceptible...


Roast Dinner Take Away

After having had a couple of Take Away meals from the Michelin starred Ynyshir Hall, they put the prices up. £10 each was pretty good as a treat now and then, but £15 each soon mounts up. So, we thought we’d try something else and support a different local business this weekend. Roast Dinner Take...


Anniversary Treats

Anniversary Treats There hasn’t been a huge amount happening here. It was our anniversary at the end of last week but as we are still shielding from a deadly virus we didn’t have our usual day trip out! Instead we just stayed at home like we’ve been doing throughout lockdown. We did however have a...


Family Selfies

My Mum wanted a photo of the three of us together, so it was time to get the teenager outside and snap a few selfies. It did at least mean that we had some photos of ourselves as well which is a fairly rare thing.


Another Weekend in Lockdown

Another weekend in lockdown and things in Ynyslas were pretty much the same as they have been every weekend lately. The beach was looking lovely in the sunny spells. The torrential downpours were impressive in their own right. At one point on Sunday afternoon the Borth & Ynyslas Weather Station was reading a rain rate...


The Lockdown Continues

We are still in lockdown here in Wales but some aspects of the restrictions have been relaxed today. We can now meet people from other households – as long as it is people from one single household, it is outside and we stick to the 2m social distancing rule. We can now drive locally to...


Enjoying the Lockdown Sunshine

We’re still quite enjoying the lockdown. The weather has been lovely most of the time, the garden is looking good and we’re quite happy at Ynyslas. We haven’t been anywhere else for nearly two months now but we love it here so it’s no big deal. We’re still busy working of course but there has...


A Purple Patch

Well, the last day or two of April saw some typical April showers – just what the garden needed. Things are coming on well out there now and it’s looking quite purple. Chives, Loads of Aquilegia’s in pinks and purples, purple geraniums, purple aliums and even deep purple leaves on a few shrubs. What’s more,...


More Days in Lockdown

Self-Isolation The Coronavirus lockdown continues. Anna has now had a letter for the Welsh Health Authorities to say that she in in a higher risk category and should therefore be ‘properly’ self-isolating for 12 weeks. That means not leaving the house for anything and either making sure the others in her household are also isolating...