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Air Hop

We’ve just been to Air Hop in Bristol. We were in that neck of the woods for a pre-Christmas family visit, a meal, a catch up with everyone and a fun hour bouncing on trampolines at Air Hop. Air Hop Video Anna and I were still suffering a little with the lurgy so weren’t really...

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Amazon Fire TV Stick 1

Amazon Fire TV Stick and Amazon Prime

The Amazon Fire TV stick popped up on offer the other day and was just too good an offer to miss. The usual price Amazon Fire TV Stick at £34.99 isn’t exactly expensive, but when I noticed it as a Black Friday offer for just £24.99 I decided to take a closer look. We’ve never really looked at...

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Weblog Book - Double Page Spread 1

Weblog Book – New Zealand Edition

Hot on the heels of Volume 1 of our 2012 Weblog Book, I’ve now completed Volume 2. This volume covers August – December 2012 and therefore includes our trip to New Zealand for the ITU Age-Group World Champs. As you can imagine this is likely to become one of our favourite editions and with plenty of...

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2012 Volume I 0

Weblog Book 2012

I’ve been hard at work over the past few months producing the 2012 edition of our weblog book, “A Simple Life of Luxury”. I know it sounds as though it’s a little out of date already as it’s from three years ago, but that makes it all the more interesting to do as it gives...

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Aberystwyth Pier 1

Autumn Heat in Aberystwyth

It may be autumn, the trees are looking stunning in their autumn colours, but a new high record temperature for November in the UK was set yesterday. Temperatures in Trawsgoed, near Aberystwyth, reached 22.3ºC on Sunday, beating the previous record of 21.7ºC, seen in Prestatyn in 1946. We managed to make the most of it though. The...

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Angry Bird Pumpkin 3

Witches Finger Biscuits – Getting Ready For Halloween

After work on Friday we popped into the Supermarket and bought 21 pumpkins! Yep, we had a few funny looks wandering around with a trolley full of nothing but pumpkins, but we had good reason – It was a pumpkin each for the Scouts so that they could carve their halloween lanterns. Morgan loves carving...

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Bee Brain 1

Bee Brains at ABKA Quiz Night

Woohoo, our team, ‘The Sleepy Heads’ won the Aberystwyth Beekeepers Association Quiz night. Our team was so called due to the fact that the quiz was on Tuesday evening and we hadn’t got back from France until about 2am on Tuesday morning, so we weren’t exactly spritely! We did OK though, holding second place all the way...

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Langueux 1

St Brieuc Twinning Tour with Aberystwyth Silver Band – Day 3

Another early start in St Brieuc for me with an early morning run into Langueux and some rummaging around for a geocache. I couldn’t find the first one so had to run a little further to find a different one, but had success in the end as dawn broke in St Briuec. It was then...

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Windmill 3

St Brieuc Twinning Tour with Aberystwyth Silver Band – Day 2

After packing in so much stuff yesterday, it was hard to believe that this was only Day 2 of the Aberystwyth Silver Bands twinning tour to St Brieuc, but day two it was. The planned walk around St Brieuc had howver been cancelled as everyone eas tired, everyone needed a bit of a rest and...

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Morgans Solo 1

St Brieuc Twinning Tour with Aberystwyth Silver Band – Day 1

Two facts to get us started: Anna and Morgan play cornet in the Aberystwyth Silver Band. Aberystwyth is twinned with St Brieuc in Brittany, France. Over the years since the twinning relationship which was established in 1974, the Aberystwyth Silver Band has visited St Brieuc on a number of occasions, but a visit was long...

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Sleepover 0

Teddy Bears Sleepover

Just a couple of photos from a sleepover here at the weekend. Morgan’s friend Tom came to stay. We went to see Aberystwyth Town play in the afternoon – our first time ever at a football match, and then he stayed over. He took a liking to Morgan’s onesie and as luck would have it,...

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