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The Volts 1

Laser tag Party

As Morgan’s birthday fell on a school day this year, we had his party at the weekend. He had decided he wanted to do laser tag in the woods so we were all booked up for 2pm on Saturday. Everything was planned and Morgan and 10 friends would meet in the woods ready to run...

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Aberystwyth prom 1

Happy 11th Birthday

Morgan’s birthday fell on a school day this year, so he’s not having his party until the weekend. We still went out for a birthday dinner with him though and he chose the funky pizza restaurant Baravin in Aberystwyth. We booked an early 5pm table and wandered along the prom beforehand. The new bandstand is...

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Top 10 Mineplex Hub Secrets

Morgan should be posting this really as he’s recently created a new Minecraft Video showcasing the Top 10 Mineplex Hub secrets. He’s uploaded the video to his Minecraft YouTube channel and now wants to share it with the world. I helped him a little with the video editing and some of the SEO aspects, although...

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Pecan Brittle 2

Valentines Treats

We don’t usually do much for Valentines Day as it’s all a bit of a money-grabbing exercise really. This year, just for a change, I decided to be a little more romantic than usual and so stopped off in the shops on my way home from my Coast Path Run on Saturday morning and went...

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Family Selfie 0

Lions in Borth

Early Morning Cycle Once again, no one else was silly enough to join me on an early morning bike ride in the rain, so I headed out just after 5:30am on my own. It was actually quite warm on Sunday morning but still raining and with a fairly strong wind too. Seeing as I usually cycle...

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Geigier 1

Busy Days at Work

It was a busy day for all of us yesterday. I started it with some work on the computer and then a nice 3x 12 minute sweetspot turbo trainer session courtesy of a TrainerRoad workout called Geiger. It was then the usual hectic half an hour of getting ready for work and school before we...

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Looking Back at the Surf 0

Geocaching in the Hills

Day two of 2016 and we had to get Morgan out of the house again, so we had some nice easy almost drive by geocaching in the hills planned. Not much walking involved today just a quick cache and dash before heading into Aberystwyth so that Morgan could spend some of his Christmas money on...

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Cascade at Hafod 2

Caverns, Cascades and Caches – New Years Day in Hafod Estate

Happy New Year everyone, 2016 was upon us so we had to get out and do something, and we had to find a geocache so as to complete the “Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016” geocaching souvenir. Our target for the day was the Hafod Estate and several geocaches there. I would have liked to have gone...

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Geocaching Souvenirs 0

Geocaching Records – 2015

I think 2015 may have been our best year yet as far as geocaching records go. We’ve just finished the year off with two fairly quick and easy geocaches in a very wet and muddy Penglanowen Woods near Nanteos Mansion. None of the geocaches themselves were that notable but it’s a lovely little woodland than...

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Marble Run

Well, building this marble run was a lot more complicated and took a lot longer than we had expected. All done now though and I did have a bit of help from Morgan! We just need a battery to see if we can get it working fully automatically now. Marble Run Every little bracket and...

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Aberystwyth Bandstand 3

Treasure Hunt in Aberystwyth

The Christmas Holidays are disappearing fast and Tuesday looked likely to be the last dry day for a while so we headed off to do a treasure hunt in Aberystwyth. We had bought my brother Jay and his family several treasure hunt packages from treasure trails as a Christmas present and had bought one for...

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