The Rame Peninsula – Camping Trip Day 1

Tuesday dawned and we were now firmly set up on the Rame Peninsula. Morgan and I started a day with a swim in the swimming pool and then we cooked pancakes in the camper van.

The aim for today was to explore our surroundings a little with a day out to the little village of Cremyll. It’s barely a village really, just a few houses, a pub and the ferry terminal for the foot passenger ferry from Plymouth. It sits on a little beach at the base of Mount Edgecumbe Park and looks across Tamar Estuary to Plymouth which is just a few hundred yards away.

Tamar Estuary from Cremyll

Tamar Estuary from Cremyll

We unloaded the van at the beach then parked in a car park just up the road. I headed off for a surf ski paddle. I had planned to paddle all the way around Plymouth Sound at some point, but it was quite windy today and a little rough once I headed out from the shelter of the Rame Peninsula. As I was on my own and didn’t know these waters very well I decided it would be more sensible to stay well within my limits and well within the shelter of the Sound. I therefore paddled around to Barn Pool Beach and on past Mount Edgcumbe Folly. I then headed out towards Drakes Island and around to the northern side where I beached for a while on a beach overlooking the Hoe. There were a couple of other people here so I had a bit of a chat before heading across the main shipping channel to the shores of Plymouth Hoe.

View from Drakes Island

View from Drakes Island

It was a little choppier here so I followed the coast for a little while and then headed out across the estuary towards Cremyll once again.

I then headed off up into the estuary a little past various boat yards and up towards Millbrook. There were loads of fish jumping in the shallow waters here, Hundreds of them and some quite big too. One or two hit the side of the ski shuddering it and making me jump. It was approaching low tide so I couldn’t go much further so turned around and retraced my paddle-strokes back to Cremyll.

Once changed, we sat on the grass in the sunshine watching the world go by and eating ice creams. At least paddling didn’t hurt my foot. Carrying the ski up and down the beach didn’t help it much though.



We then took a little drive to Rame Point before heading back to the campsite for another dip in the swimming pool and a nice dinner at The Vaults Restaurant.

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