A Day on the Beach

With my brother Jay and his family visiting for the weekend and the sun shining it seemed silly not to have a day on the beach.

Jay, Harry and I went out for an ride in the morning. I made sure it was a hilly one for them. No big climbs just something that was never flat.

They seemed to enjoy it and we had perfect conditions for it too. We were treated with the usual glorious views of Borth as we finished our ride.

Views of Borth

Views of Borth

A Day on the Beach

After breakfast, we loaded up the van with some toys and headed off to the lifeboat station where we spent the whole day, chilling, surf skiing, stand-up paddle-boarding,¬†building sandcastles and digging holes, eating chips and ice creams, rock-pooling and even going for a play in Shem’s ZapCat. Basically we were tourists for the day, and¬†what a perfect day it was too.

I didn’t manage to convince anyone else to have a go on my Surf Ski, nor did we have time for any snorkelling but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. We even have photographer Wynne Pendraig snapping a few photos of our exploits in the ZapCat.

Me taking the ZapCat for a Spin

Me taking the ZapCat for a Spin

When the weather is like this there is nowhere better. Who needs to go on holiday when you have a sun-soaked beach on your doorstep.


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  1. Bill Marrow says:

    So jealous still love Borth where ever I go totally agree no where better when sun is out

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