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Surf-Ski Carry Strap 0

Surf Ski Modifications

I think I’m gradually getting better on my new Knysna BLU Surf Ski. It’s certainly a lot easier to man-handle onto the roof-rack or to carry across to the beach. I have made a few surf ski modifications to it though. Before we get onto the surf ski modifications, how am I getting on in the...

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Borth Beach 0

Beach Fun

More beach fun after school at Borth. New Flip Flops, New Surf Ski, New Paddles, Super Sunny Beach, Crazy Warm Waters. If only all Tuesdays were like this. A little more practice on my ski. It’s still very wobbly and still difficult to remount. My chest still hurts too though. Maybe a couple of sessions...

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Camper with Matching Surf Ski 1

New Surf Ski

New Surf Ski I collected my new Surf Ski today whilst dropping Anna off at the airport in Birmingham. I’m pleased to say that it matches the camper nicely! Although I’m sure it will look a little battered and less new fairly soon. I played around with the new roof rack attachments from Whispbar when...

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Llyn Geirionydd in the Sunshine 0

Kayaking and Camping at Llyn Geirionydd

It would have been nice to continue my Coast Path Run on Saturday, but the Colwyn Bay Blast had finished my legs off for the day so there was to be none of that running malarkey. I’d been invited to join the Dyffryn Conwy Paddlers on Sunday though for a kayaking session at Llyn Geirionydd in...

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Quadrathlon 2

Brigg Bomber – My First Quadrathlon

When three sports isn’t enough what do you do? The Brigg Bomber Quadrathlon of course! My first ever quadrathlon and a bit of a mixed bag for me. All good fun though and that was the whole idea. My First Quadrathlon You may have noticed a lack of posts about triathlon training lately. Fewer than...

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Washed Up 0

Making the most of the Summer

The forecast for the weekend wasn’t great, butt summer seems to have stayed with us and I’ve been making the most of it! Nothing new there! Gravel Pits Friday evening was spent at the gravel pits in Cwm Rheidol with Aber Kayakers and the the Scouts. The all got on really well with their kayaking and...

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