It’s only going to be short-lived, but it was summertime here at Ynyslas today. It was pretty chilly to start with which was ideal as I had a run session to do. I therefore got that in before it warmed up. It was nothing too exciting, just a run towards Tre Ddol and back with some 30 seconds efforts.

Things stated to warm up by lunchtime and the beach was getting busy (for here). It’s weird having to share it with other people after so long in lockdown. I suppose we can’t begrudge them wanting some summertime fun on the beach.

Summertime Surf Ski

After lunch I headed over to the beach for a summertime surf ski. The water is still pretty cold at around 8-9ºC so I had a wetsuit on as I was likely to end up in the water. It may be a little too warm for paddling in a wetsuit with the air temperature now around 16ºC but it’s best to dress for getting wet.

There was a nice 2-3 foot fairly mellow wave breaking any way. This meant I wasn’t heading off for a hard paddle anywhere. Nor was I going to do some training with hard intervals. Instead it was a play in the surf. This ends up being a bit of an interval session in its own right. Nothing too difficult today though other than having to dodge all the surfers and swimmers. The speedo and bikini brigade were out in force, although not many of them were staying in the water for long!

I caught plenty of waves in the sunshine, so here are a few alternative stills of me paddling in the summertime. I got a few face-fulls of water paddling out!

The warm weather should stick around tomorrow, although it won’t be quite as warm. We will be plunged back into winter again with single digit temperatures once again. It’s 4pm as I write this and the maximum temperature recorded by the Borth & Ynyslas weather station today was 19.7ºC. Pretty warm for March and the warmest day so far this year. Bring on the summer.

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