Scorchio 2022 – Day 2

Well, as forecast Sunday (yesterday) was indeed the hottest day of the year so far. The temperature on the Borth and Ynyslas Weather Station here in our back garden hit 28.2ºC at 2:01pm. Still quite a way off the all time high of 33.7ºC but today is meant to be hotter still and it is quite likely that the record will be broken.

Records don’t fall easily mind you so we’ll have to wait and see. It’s currently 10:35am and the temperature is already close to yesterday’s maximum at 28.1ºC so there’s plenty of time for it to break the record. It’ll definitely be the hottest day of the year so far but will it top 33.7ºC?

You can subscribe to the Weather Station and get live data (updated every minute) and look back through historical data on a day by day basis too. Click here for more information on the various pages available in the weather station section of this site, and there’s a subscription button there too – Every subscription is appreciated as it helps to keep it up and running.

[Update – It’s taken me a few minutes to write this blog post and it’s now 28.7ºC out there!]

Surviving the Heat

I don’t think we’ll be doing much outside today. I have already been for a lovely paddle on the sea. Temperatures were only around 15ºC when I set off on that though so it was nice and cool.

I’ve also inspected a couple of our beehives – I got into the bee-suit with my wet gear still on from kayaking. It would be horrible in a bee-suit in these temperatures so doing it in wet swimming kit helped keep me cool. It was only a quick inspection as well, just enough to see if the largest of our colonies needed another super – they did indeed! We may actually get a decent crop of honey this year. Get your orders in now! Ynyslas honey is a rare commodity.

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