The best health and fitness gadgets in 2021

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As a society, we have certainly become a lot more health-conscious these days. There is certainly no shortage of information around health and fitness in 2021, enabling people to manage their all-around health a lot more easily and seek new ideas and inspiration as and when they need it. 

Another huge factor behind the increased awareness around health and fitness is down to the introduction of modern technology, more specifically in the form of health and fitness apps, various gadgets and tech, plus the obvious introduction of the internet which allows us to turn to Google for advice and tips whenever we need it. 

Technological innovation has had a detrimental effect on society, also, of course. Concerns around obesity and the lack of exercise young people are now getting due to various distractions like television and games consoles is a worry. Still, ultimately it’s about striking up a balance. Thanks to the introduction of health and fitness gadgets, people are now able to build up their very own home gym and find more of a balance in the process. As a result, the downtime activities of watching Amazon Prime or playing your favourite games, like Starburst slots UK – @MansionCasino, are more enjoyable as they have been fully earned. Striking up a balance isn’t always easy, though, but thanks to various gadgets and tech people are getting there. 

With that in mind, here is a look at some of the best health and fitness gadgets in 2021 so far. 

Theragun PRO

Rest is always best, but sometimes you need some additional help in the shape of a Theragun PRO, especially if you’re suffering from any post-workout aches and pains. A home percussive therapy device, the Theragun PRO is capable of easing any aches and pains, it is easy to use, and it lasts a long time thanks to its solid battery life. 


Endorsed by many runners in 2021, NURVV Run’s technology has enabled people to improve their running technique, step length, balance and cadence – alongside a whole host of other features – thanks to this mightily impressive smart insole. All data can be accessed via a helpful app where you’ll receive tips and feedback on how to get the best from your running session.

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iFit Sleep HR

Sleep is important and certainly contributes towards our all-round health and fitness. If we aren’t sleeping well, then we won’t feel our best or possibly even fail get the most out of our workouts. The iFit Sleep HR monitors various factors around your sleep, such as heart rate, respiratory rate and sleeping patterns, to help keep you informed. It also comes with a number of additional features like ‘FreshWake’, which wakes you up at the perfect time. 

Tangram skipping rope

Even the humble old skipping rope hasn’t managed to escape a technological facelift, with the Tangram skipping rope taking skipping to a whole new level. This smart rope comes with 23 LEDs and magnetic sensors which help track your workout and monitor your calorie burn, with all information and data recorded accessible via a helpful app for your phone. 

Peleton Bike+

Particularly popular in the UK at the moment, Peleton Bike+ has well and truly revolutionised home workouts for many people. A home exercise bike with a difference, Peleton Bike+ offers users a variety of beneficial functionalities to help them get the best from their bike workout, with the option of recording all metrics, receiving feedback and motivation from an instructor, as well as carrying out any floor-based routines thanks to its rotating HD screen. 

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