Shrimps by Post

I’m not entirely sure of the ethics from an animal welfare point of view or sending shrimps in the post but it seems to have worked OK.

Battling Algae

I was getting something of a build up of algae in my planted aquarium so need some Amano Shrimps to help keep on top of it. Things had been fine for quite a while without any shrimps but something must have upset the balance in there and I couldn’t quite get to grips with it. I’m sure an adjustment in the amount of CO2 that I’m pumping into the tank would fix it but so far adjustments haven’t worked. I’ll continue with those adjustments but hopefully some shrimp will lead to a double-pronged attack on the algae.

Buying Shrimps

We’d usually stop off at an aquarium on the way home from my parents house to buy some but as we’ve barely left the house for a year now due to lockdown that isn’t an option. Instead, I decide to bite the bullet and order some online. I wasn’t sure how well they would travel through the postal service, especially at this time of year when it’s pretty cold. It was worth a try though, so I ordered a small batch of 6 of them from eBay.

They’ve just arrived and they were well packed and well insulated. They seem to have survived their travels with Royal Mail unscathed.

They all look OK and are now settling into the tank with the other inhabitants.

Jobs to do

I need to do a bit of work in the tank as it is and the CO2 cylinder needs changing. Those will be jobs for tomorrow. I might try to get some photos of the tank whilst working on it as I haven’t posted any for a while. Not much has changed in there to be honest. The plant growth is luxuriant though so I’m glad many of the plants are slow-growing.

The shrimps themselves are pretty small at the moment so I might not be able to find them now that they have the whole tank to hide in but hopefully they’ll be OK. I just hope they are big enough not become expensive fish for the Serpae Tetras!

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Mum x says:

    Fingers crossed then, A matter of watch this space by the sounds of it x

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