Another Great Days Sailing

Friday was apretty windy one with winds in the 30-40 knot range for much of the day. Perfect for me as a windsurfer, so after a 5am start and sveral hours work I had a lovely session on the seafront.

I’m glad I didn’t wait for Snoozer to turn up on the beach as the wind dropped off at about 1pm so getting out on the water at 11:30 was a good idea, despite being greeted by torrential rain and an almighty squall when I first got there.

The wind started off at around 35-40 knots for the first hour or so meaning that I was well powered with my 4.5m sail and little JP wave board. With the winds onshore there was no need to venture out too far so the order of the day was blasting about and playing in the white-water with plenty of nice long runs to Borth and back. A few jumps here and there and some super-fast bits between the waves. I think I provided a little distraction for the digger drivers working on the sea defences in Borth now and then as well.

The wind started easing at around 1pm but I stuck with it for half an hour or so until it dropped een further. By then I was pretty exhausted anyway so decided to call it a day, just as Dunk and Snoozer arrived at the beach.

All in all and excellent days sailing. More of the same tomorrow please.

Trouble is, I ended up with hours worth of GoPro footage to sift through.. Needless to say I didn’t have time to watch it all and pick out the best bits, so here are just a few random samples from todays session.

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  1. Avatar forComment Author shem says:

    Great Video, I cant wait to get my Go Pro, once Ive financially recovered from the Vets Bill 🙁 Is that the head cam or chest your filming from?

  2. Avatar forComment Author shem says:

    Thanks. I didnt NO! I was feeling a tad fragile, so gave it a miss. I think Ill go got the HD Hero 2 basic set up to start

    • Avatar forComment Author Alan says:

      Yep, the new GoPro 2 looks quite nice… They even listened to the feedback I gave them and have included lights on all sides so that you can see if it is recording or not from all angles.
      When you get it you’ll have to post a ‘guest blogger’ review of it here for me.


  3. Avatar forComment Author mum and dad says:

    Just watched video and now I feel sea sick!how do you cope?

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