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It’s been another busy week at work this week trying to get everything ready for the return of the students. Working from home has been the norm for a while but I’m having to go into work more and more now. I guess easing myself back towards some sort of normal is a good thing.

I was working from home on Friday though and had lots to do. The advantage of working from home is the ability to be a little flexible with your time. Starting early, working late and working on days that you don’t normally work all mean that when the wind starts blowing there’s an opportunity to play. I took advantage of that this afternoon as the conditions were perfect for windsurfing. 25 knot SW winds and some big waves are always good conditions, but when the sun is shining and the water is still warm you can’t really ask for more.

But there is more, it’s now the weekend and the wind looks OK for Saturday and pretty good again for Sunday. It’s gonna be a busy weekend as well!

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  1. Sunday, September 13th, 2020

    […] after a really good windsurf session on Friday and the promise of more of the same over the weekend, the wind never quite delivered. Isn’t […]

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