Roast Dinner Take Away

After having had a couple of Take Away meals from the Michelin starred Ynyshir Hall, they put the prices up. £10 each was pretty good as a treat now and then, but £15 each soon mounts up. So, we thought we’d try something else and support a different local business this weekend.

Roast Dinner Take Away

We’ve always enjoyed a roast Sunday Dinner at the Druid Inn in Goginan. Thanks to the Coronavirus restrictions they were closed, but were now offering their roast dinners as a take way. We’d heard good things about it from a number of sources so soon had one booked.

It’s a bit more of a drive to Goginan for us but still only about ½ and hour so not too bad really. Of course, being a sunny Sunday afternoon Borth was a bit of a nightmare. It was much nicer when we were in lockdown proper and there was no one but locals about. Collection was nice and easy. We drove around the other way to avoid the Borth traffic on the way home. This meant we were soon at home with a collection of take-away cartons and a big roast diner ahead of us.

Take Away
Take Away Cartons

The money we had saved by going to the Druid rather than Ynyshir Hall was somewhat negated by the fact that Morgan will eat some parts of a roast dinner (mainly the meat and the yorkshire pudding). So we bought three rather than two. We also bought puddings for the three of us as well. This did mean that there was more than enough to go around. Morgan won’t eat the potatoes and only kind of eats some of the vegetables. Anna and I therefore had potatoes and veggies for three between the two of us.

Roast Dinner Take Away
Roast Dinner Take Away

I’m not complaining about having to eat Morgan’s of course as it was just what I needed after a fairly hard bike ride in the morning! It was very nice and a pretty good deal for a treat now and then. We do of course have to wash our own dishes but other than that we quite like the idea of ‘staying in whilst going out for a meal’!

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