Posh Takeaway from Ynyshir Hall

That was brave – we travelled the furthest we have been from Ynyslas for months yesterday, and all to collect a Takeaway! It wasn’t that far to be fair, just 4.93 miles as the ‘Osprey Flies’ so within the 5 mile radius that we are permitted to travel. Also, as we are in a rural location those distances are a little flexible anyway, and we were driving to collect food as well which can be classed as essential supplies. It still felt a little odd being so far from home!

This wasn’t just any takeaway either, this was takeaway from Ynyshir Hall, one of the top restaurants in the UK. We’ve been on dining experiences at Ynyshir twice now, once for lunch in 2018 and then again for a 25 course dinner for our anniversary in 2019. Thanks to the coronavirus lockdown Ynyshir Hall has of course been closed for business, but Anna saw a Facebook post from them saying:

WE ARE DOING A TAKEAWAY! This Sunday, 31st May we will be selling Gareths epic lamb kebab, with chips and all the trimmings and sauces. Available for pickup only from Ynyshir, limited orders per time slot to aid in social distancing.

We couldn’t resist, so ordered a kebab and chips each and then drove out to collect on Sunday afternoon. Collection was outdoors and Gareth could be seen at the barbeque cooking the kebabs for us. Social distancing was of course observed and we soon left with a bag containing two kebabs and chips. They were doing slushies too but we didn’t have any of those.

It was takeaway, and the prices were reasonable, especially by Ynyshir Hall standards so we weren’t quite expecting the usual experience but it was all very tasty and there was enough of it for a proper meal too. I have to admit, having seen the usual style of food and the quantities you get per course I was a little worried that it wouldn’t be sufficient but it was perfect and went down lovely with my favourite beer of the moment, a bottle of Mad Dog Brewery 48th Chapter Imperial Porter.

Kebab and Chips from Ynyshir Hall

I can see this becoming a lockdown habit on a Sunday!!

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Mum x says:

    Nice to have a treat sometimes especially at the moment . We enjoyed our take away Hog roast from North Nibley only 2 miles away ! X

  1. Monday, July 20th, 2020

    […] having had a couple of Take Away meals from the Michelin starred Ynyshir Hall, they put the prices up. £10 each was pretty good as a treat now and then, but £15 each soon […]

  2. Friday, January 29th, 2021

    […] did blog about our posh takeaway from Ynyshir Hall back in June when we had one for the first time. Having just looked at the excerpt pf that post it […]

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