Recycling our Wood-Burning Stove

Now that we have a new wood-burning stove in out living room, it was time to do something with the old one. We did offer it give to Sion the Sweep to see if there was anything he could do with it. It was just too rusty for him to make use of any parts though. Rather than just take it to the tip which was pretty much all it was good for, I decided to set it up in the garden. The chiminea that we used to have fell apart. So this is a replacement chiminea made from a recycled wood-burning stove.

No doubt it will turn a nice shade of bright orange as it rusts! I should probably give the glass a clean as well. However, it’s in the garden not the lounge so if it looks a little rustic that’s fine by me.

It’s not that often that we sit out in the garden at night either, but if we did it would look lovely with a fire roaring away inside of it. I think we’ll have to start using the garden at night a little more often.

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Mum x says:

    Lovely idea . A romantic evening for two in front of a fire with a take away and a drink or two all in the open air .What more could you ask for xxx

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