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After making an attempt to continue with my Wales Coast Path Run a few weeks ago my plans to continue it over the Spring were scuppered by the Coronavirus Lockdown. Typically, every Tuesday since then has seen perfect conditions as well. Clear blue skies, light winds and pleasant temperatures. The travel restrictions have of course meant that I haven’t been able to get down to the Gower to carry on with my circumnavigation but I wanted to keep some miles in my legs so have been doing long runs from home instead.

The first of these was a 12 mile run along the trails and hills of Artists Valley.

Actually, looking back, the weather wasn’t great for this one as it was pretty wet on top of the hills but since then it has been lovely.

The following week it was a figure of eight loop around Ynyslas and Borth Bog.

The next week it was time to up the distance somewhat as I felt I needed to keep the miles in my legs so that I’ll be able to do some long runs along the Coast Path once the lockdown restrictions are lifted. This one was a 19 mile run with some big hills in it. The lockdown was now in full effect and the very next day the Coast Path was closed in many places too. Including the section of it I had run along between Taliesin and Borth.

Last week I kept the distance up with another 19(ish) mile run around similar trails but in the opposite direction and without the section along the coast path.

Today the weather was once again perfect. A little cooler but once I was going it was just right. I don’t want to run the same trails each week so devised yet another route today, again it was around 19 miles and had some big hills in it. I am a little limited with my choice of routes from here really as I can only head South or East to start with. Heading North or West would be a swim not a run! I also have to run about 4 miles East or South before I can go anywhere else or climb any hills and with the Coast Path closed that limits my options even more. I found a new route though and had a nice day out with some gorgeous views out over Borth Bog and the Dyfi Estuary.

I wonder where I’ll go next week and how long it will be before I can continue with my circumnavigation of Wales?

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Mum x says:

    It is a shame, but glad you are doing as we are all being asked to do Hopefully life will get back to normal and this episode will be just for the history books of the future .

    Take care of each other and keep each other safe x

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