Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in Cyprus

I think Morgan and I spent more time snorkeling whilst on Holiday in Cyprus than we did anything else. Anna did some snorkelling with us too. The water was warm and the most comfortable place to be. The sea was clear and although there wasn’t huge amounts of life there was plenty to see.

We spent most of our time snorkelling around the rocks just outside out hotel. The limestone shore here is rich with little gulleys and small caves that harbour plenty of fish, and other sea life such as octopus and sea cucumbers to these kept us occupied. We did also spend a day just over the bay at Green Bay where the life and sea-shore was much the same but still a welcome change. I also went a little further afield now and then, around the little island off Green bay and into the next bay.

We also booked onto a ‘try a dive’ session for Morgan and I. I used to do lots of diving many years ago, but as it was bout 30 years ago that I last dived I thought it made sense to start from scratch for me too. Not much had changed mind you and it soon all came flooding back. We booked with the Happy Divers which was right within the hotel grounds and our guide Costas was friendly and pretty much left us to it once he could tell we were comfortable and relaxed with the kit etc. The kit had changed a little compared to what I used to use and it did make things a little easier but there wasn’t that much change. Morgan took to it really well. So much so that as we got out after our first dive Costas said “Well, thanks for making me feel useless” as he hadn’t really had to do anything.

Here’s a little video montage of the intro dive.

We had another go later in the week as Morgan had enjoyed his first dive so much. This time we started from Green Bay and went on a little more adventurous dive and a little deeper. Still only down to about 10 metres but that was fine. There was another guy with us this time who had a few issues with buoyancy so once again Morgan and i were left as a buddy team of our own and got on with our dive ourselves. Costas was of course still there watching out for us but it was nice to feel a little independent too. There were quite a few more fish here as well so it was an altogether more interesting dive than the first introductory one.

Here’s a video from the Green Bay Dive.

Morgan’s general confidence in the water meant that he was relaxed the whole time and able to concentrate on the things he wanted to. He was pretty good at keeping an eye on air levels and such like too and checked that I was OK every so often as well. He had no issues with maintaining his buoyancy either so will make a pretty good diver if he has the opportunity and desire to do it some more. I just hope it hasn’t put him off snorkelling at home in Borth

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