Like the good old days!

Having had a bit of a return to form with some mountain bike downhill records in the morning, I thought that a windsurf was in order today as well. Just like the old days! The wind was howling, the seas were big and the air was a lot warmer than it had been. What else would you expect me to do!

There was a 20-30 knot southerly wind blowing that was fairly gusty. It always is when Southerly. The sea was quite big too with 4-6 foot surf and some massive swells out the back. I rigged my bigger sail (5.7m) because it looked as though the wind might be a little flukey on the inside in amongst the whitewater. Coupled with a strong incoming tide it was likely to be a little difficult to get going in the impact zone. There’s nothing worse than struggling to get going when there are walls of whitewater bearing down on you.

It paid off as I was able to blast out through the whitewater fairly easily most of the time. It did mean I was a little overpowered out the back at times so had to play it cautious with the jumps. Other than that it was flat out, furious, full on sailing in some pretty big conditions.

MTB in the morning, windsurfing at lunch time. Now time for tea, cake and maybe a trip to the fireworks this evening.

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