Where to go on Holiday?

This seems to be a constant dilemma for me. We can’t always afford a holiday so we want to make sure we get the destination right but I think we just have too many requirements to find the ideal resort. It’s my 40th next year so we’re looking at the possibility of going on a holiday that will suit me perfectly as a bit of a treat.

Anna isn’t too fussy. She wants comfortable accommodation, decent food and a few places to visit and see. She would also like to do some activities herself, so some easy windsurfing, kayaking and snorkelling etc. should keep her happy. Most of which you can find anywhere.

Morgan is a little more difficult, so the resort has to be family-friendly with a proper kids-club. Preferably one run by a UK company with qualified staff and good activities.

I guess I’m the one who makes it difficult. For a summer holiday I want to be able to go windsurfing so the destination has to have a proper windsurf centre with a good choice of modern kit, and it has to be windy, preferably very windy. I’d also like to be able to do some Mountain-Biking just in case the wind doesn’t blow. Again, I’m not after a tranquil little ride but some proper mountain-biking trails on good quality bikes.

Places such as Vassiliki seem to offer all of this, but the next problem is timing. We have to fit it in within the school holidays, which as it happens is a windy period in Vassiliki, but of course this makes it quite expensive and we really wanted a winter sun destination not a summer one.

In fact the only other place we can think of that ticks all of the boxes is Borth, where we live!. It is almost always windy, I have a beach on my front door and good MTB trails on my back-door. I always seem to come to this conclusion!

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  1. Lesley says:

    Face it Al, you are a homebird. I am pretty much the same, I have everything I need or want right on my doorstep! Why would I need to go away? Hope you enjoy it anyway.

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