Paddling 20 miles in the River Dyfi

Phew, that was a bit more of a paddle than I was expecting! I was just going out for a nice easy paddle within no real plans in mind. Although, saying that I did take a banana and a drink with me when I usually take nothing –  my sub-conscious obviously had more of an inkling of what I was up to than I did. I set off from the seafront on a cold but crisp morning. Temperatures were just below freezing but the sun was shining, the sky was blue and there was barely a puff of wind. The glassy sea had a small swell on it and a few lumps and bumps leftover from the recent storms but nothing too bad as I made my way towards the Dyfi bar and into the estuary.

The tide was high and still coming in so I picked up speed as I headed into the estuary and started making my way upstream. Before long I was planning to go all the way to Glandyfi. I was gliding almost effortlessly over the calm waters as the world passed by.

An hour or so later I arrived at Glandyfi and decided to continue on. It was now slack water so I decided it would be good to go beyond the Dyfi Junction bridge so as to make this the furthest upstream I’d paddled before. On I went as the banks of the Dyfi closed in around me. I’d covered just over 8 miles now, I may as well make it 10 before I turn around. So, that’s what I did, on I went towards Derwenlas where finally my watched beeped at me to signify the 10 mile mark.

I turned around and started to head back downstream, the tide had turned by now as well so I once again had it’s assistance. I stopped briefly on the banks to stretch my back, eat my banana and have a drink and then headed off again. It was a little chilling here as the sun had gone and the wind was picking up a little. Next stop was at the more sheltered Picnic Island just before Aberdyfi. This time for another drink before heading off.

Picnic Island

Picnic Island

The tide was flowing stronger all the time so my speed was increasing a little again even though I was now tiring.

I then paddle out from the estuary onto the seafront where the going got a little tougher again. The wind had picked up a little so there was now some chop and confused swell as I paddled my way back to my start point. 20 miles in total, the furthest I’ve ever paddled. The average speed looks good too, but it was very much tide assisted.

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