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I don’t post about every windsurf session or bike ride that I do here – You’d soon become bored if I did and besides, I don’t have time to actually do them and to blog about it all the time, but today’s session was a particularly good one!

It was blowing a hoolie and had been all night so the seas were looking particularly stormy at this end of the beach. It looked perfectly sailable but I fancied a change and thought that the waves would be nicer down at the Lifeboat Station but there should still be enough wind.

I loaded up the car and headed off. When I got there it looked pretty stormy there too. The waves were a little cleaner but they were still pretty big with some ‘proper big’ waves out the back. The wind didn’t feel that strong either.

I therefore rigged the biggest kit I had with me, my Naish Hybrid Freewave Board (85 ltr) and a 5m sail and headed out. It was a little flukey on the inside to start with but once I got going it was fine. Once a little further out though I was maxed out. I expected the wind to clean up a little as the tide dropped which it did and it got to a stage where there was plenty on the inside and too much out the back. I started feeling a little over-powered and started dropping my gybes on the outside..

I came in for a bit of a rest and changed down to a 4.5m sail and soon got back out there. Once again it was a little flukey on the inside from time to time but as long as I came out of my gybe near the beach fully planing I was fine. It was only if I came off the plane that it was sometimes difficult to get going again. Once up and going I was well powered and properly maxed-out beyond the breakers.

The waves were fairly clean and I had some lovely backside wave rides, really carving up the faces with all my strength. My jumping wasn’t too shabby either with some absolutely huge jumps off the big ramps.

All in all it was a perfect 5 star session.

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  1. Andrew says:

    “I don’t post about every windsurf session or bike ride that I do here” – yes you do! 😉

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