Mis-behaving Bees

Just a quick update on the bees. If you remember last time I was quite pleased that both hives had re-queened. One seemed to be doing really well. The other wasn’t so great and I found the queen camped out under the mesh floor. I put her back in and hoped that maybe she had been out on a mating flight and couldn’t get back in through the narrow entrance they had been using.

What is the Queen up to?

She didn’t stay back in the hive for long though. I found her back out under the floor the following evening with a cluster of bees so once again put her back in. The next day she could be seen wandering around on the front of the hive for most of the day. I have no idea what she was up to but she ended up clustered under the floor yet again. So, yet again I put her back in.

She has at least stayed put now. She hasn’t started laying though and there are now only a few bees left in the colony. Lets hope she starts laying in the next week and they can build up.

From strength to strength

The other colony is doing well though with loads of brood, plenty of stores, and a nice fat and productive queen that has been laying like mad. It’s going to be quite a big colony in a few weeks at this rate. I’m already thinking of giving them some more brood space by putting them on a brood and a half configuration as they might run out of space pretty quickly.

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