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Green Waters 0

Tropical Windsurf

Another good day at the office here. Topped off with a nice surprise as a decent sea breeze filled in. Barefoot and board-shorts once again and this time on board my big windsurf kit too. I actually rigged far too big really as I was overpowered with my 6.7m sail most of the time. I...

Summer Sailing 0

Summer Sailing at Home

After a busy weekend away in North Wales Surf Skiing, Mountain Biking and Running along the Coast Path it was nice to be back at home. The busyness continued of course and summer was being kind to us. Wall to wall sunshine on Monday had me out mowing the lawn and gardening once the indoor...

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Adventures in North Wales

Surf Skiing in Conwy I arranged to meet some fellow surf-skiers in Conwy on Saturday. I thought I could make a weekend of it. Surf Ski somewhere a little different for a change, do some mountain biking and then sleepover in the camper and continue my Coast Path run project on the Sunday. The Facebook...

Summer Flowers 0

Beehaving in the Garden

‘Beehaving’? If you remember from my last post about the bees they had been ‘mis-beehaving’. I had performed an artificial split only for the half without the queen to be a little lax in creating a queen cell while the haf with the queen swarmed anyway leaving no queen cell behind. I think my actions have helped...


Surf Skiing in the Sunshine

It looks as though my plan to get out as often as possible in as wide a range of conditions as possible on my surf ski has worked. Monday was a gorgeous day for some surf skiiing in the sunshine. The sea was a little choppy with a small swell but I felt quite at...


Summer Surf

Summer continues and Friday brought with it not only more wall-to-wall sunshine and temperatures in the high teens but also some summer surf. So, after a short session on the turbo trainer and lots and lots of household chores we (Morgan and I) headed over to the beach form a summertime surf. We were due...

Honey Bee Feeding 1

Summer Garden

Shame a few more flowers weren’t out for our garden party last weekend, but now that the sun is out and summer is here, the garden seems to have entered a pink and purple mode along with LOADS of Marguerites along the fence. It’s looking nice out there today.

Good Morning Summer 1

Good Morning Summer

The weather has changed and Summer is here – for the time being at least.

Poppy with Hover Fly 1

Day 8 of Summer – It’s the weekend!

The weekend was here and the summer continues. Temperatures here on Saturday made it just above 20°C again with a maximum of 21.2°C – just about perfect as far as we are concerned and as usual we had a busy day making the most of it. I started the day going out for the cycle...

Careful what you stand on in the Dunes 1

Careful what you stand on in the Dunes

As I’m sure you know by now we are at last having a proper summer. It’s been a while coming -10 years since the last one as far as we can remember – but  it’s here and looks set to stay for a while too. Weather conditions have been perfect here in West Wales. Whilst...