Morning Paddle to Aberdovey

What a gorgeous day yesterday. I couldn’t resist getting out early for a paddle on my surf ski. I started on the seafront across from our house. The conditions were perfect with the early morning sun warming things up and a super calm sea. Just a small swell running. I headed north to Aberdovey and meandered around in between the boats. Then I headed out to some choppy waters where the tides were meeting before heading back into what became glassy waters.

Just perfect. The water was lovely and warm too. No need for a wetsuit and the occasional dip kept me cool. Why can’t every day start this way.

This was followed by a nice little run and some plyometrics exercises in the dunes and then back home for some video editing. My kit was dry by then though so I think I had some lunch and then went out for another surf ski paddle followed by a bike ride…. It’s hard work all this ‘relaxing’!

All change tomorrow though. It’s looks as though it’ll be wet and windy and I’ll be working at the University all day. I do have a sea swim scheduled before work at 6:30am and a mountain bike ride planned for after work though.

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