Water-Based Fun in Aberdyfi

With no training to do on Sunday and decent weather forecast I planned to get out for some water-based fun in Aberdyfi.

Some friends from Cerist Triathlon Club were meeting for an open water swim so I decided to join them. First task therefore was to get to Aberdyfi. The quickest and easiest way there is on my surf ski. I therefore headed down to the estuary ready to paddle across to Aberdyfi. There were loads of people parked up on the sands. The sunshine and lack of wind had brought them out in droves.

I managed to find a place to park. I took stock of the tide situation as the tides were quite big and I didn’t want it coming in around the camper while I was off having fun on the other side of the estuary. The tides were however smaller than yesterdays so I made sure I parked above the tide-line and headed off in the sunshine.

Paddling to Aberdyfi

It was nice and calm on this side of the estuary but there was quite a bit of swell over the point. I had my swimming wetsuit on up to my waist and a windproof jacket on and then my swimming kit I(goggles, swimming hats and a pair of gloves) in a pack on my back. I was soon splashing though the swell and making slow but steady progress against the strongly incoming tide. All was going well until a waves knocked me off the ski and into the water. Thankfully, despite not having my wetsuit on properly it didn’t feel too cold. It wasn’t warm of course but I quickly clambered back on and continued on my way to Aberdyfi. It didnt take long to get there so I killed some time by paddling up and down the coast for a bit. I then pulled my ski up onto the beach and sat there in the sunshine waiting for the others.

An Open Water Swim

I met up with Dave, Lauren, Dilwyn and Kevin and got ready for a swim. It was the first open water swim of the season and it was going to be cold. Everyone was a little hesitant as the temperatures were unknown but we were soon in the water. Kevin was a little late so while he got ready I headed off to the jetty to do some jetty jumping. Dilwyn joined me and managed to lose his goggles in the process!¬†Once everyone was in the water we headed off at a leisurely pace up the estuary to the slipway before turning around and heading back. It was definitely cold and my un-clad feet were pretty cold by the end of it but it wasn’t as cold as we had anticipated. It was certainly nice in the sunshine though. We stopped a few times on route to chat hut were soon back at the jetty for one more jump off it and then back at the beach.

Paddling Home

The others headed off to get changed and warmed up. I grabbed my ski and headed back across the estuary. It only took 12 minutes to get back which isn’t too bad. I wasn’t trying particularly hard either. The beach was still packed as I loaded my ski onto the camper and headed home.

A lovely couple of hours playing on and in the waters of the Dyfi Estuary.

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