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Golden Hour at Ynyslas

I only just managed to get a bit of a walk in today before it got dark. It did mean that I was treated to a sublime sunset as I did so. First Aberdyfi was glowing in the golden light ahead of me. Behind the sky was aglow and reflecting on the unusually calm waters...


Water-Based Fun in Aberdyfi

With no training to do on Sunday and decent weather forecast I planned to get out for some water-based fun in Aberdyfi. Some friends from Cerist Triathlon Club were meeting for an open water swim so I decided to join them. First task therefore was to get to Aberdyfi. The quickest and easiest way there...


Canoeing in West Wales

I can’t believe this weather. Yet another beautiful sunny day yesterday. In a way we had hoped for some wind as it was the Boardwise Windsurf Demo weekend in Aberdyfi, but as there wasn’t a breath we decided against driving all the way around just to look at some expensive boards that we can’t afford....