Another Green Training Week

Thought I’d update you on the fact that my second full week of training with a new training plan was a successful one. Once again all the planned sessions in my training week were coloured green. This indicates that I had completed them as planned.

Training Week

Training Week

It was a fairly similar week to the previous week of training, with just a slight increase in TSS. 625 TSS this week versus 557 the previous week. Some of this was in the form of an extra surf ski session though just because the conditions were too good not to get out for a paddle. I just have to keep this up now so that the various sessions become something of a habit.

An Easy Training Week Ahead

Having completed two weeks of my plan means that I now have a relatively easy week ahead. It’s quite nice this new schedule of 2 weeks training followed by a third week of recovery. TSS will drop to around 330 for this recovery week and most sessions will be both shorter and lower intensity. There will be two rest days too. Time for my body to recover and reap the benefits of the previous two weeks. There will still be lots of early mornings just to fit it in but that’s to be expected with today’s busy, modern lifestyle. Hopefully by the end of it I’ll be raring to go with another two harder weeks and hopefully I’ll be getting fitter too.


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  1. Avatar forComment Author Mum says:

    Some how I think your “rest week” will be full of energetic activities, makes me tired just reading about them , but if it makes you happy, then its fine by me .x

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