Marble Run

Well, building this marble run was a lot more complicated and took a lot longer than we had expected. All done now though and I did have a bit of help from Morgan! We just need a battery to see if we can get it working fully automatically now.

Marble Run

Every little bracket and supporting arm had to be built from 5 separate pieces, these than had to be positioned on the vertical rods and put in place. The rails that the marbles run on were all one long piece so had to be cut so size and positioned prefectly to make it work and spacers placed along them. The loop-the-loop section of the first marble run took ages to get set up just right for it to work. Thge see=saw sections than had to be built from various pieces and once again positioned perfectly to get them working. Doing so of course put the loop-the-loop out of whack a little so that had to then be sorted out again. The uplift screw had to be built from about 20 different pieces and eventually it all came together. Trouble is, if we move it I don’t think it’ll work again and we’ll be back to square one!!

The perfect little project for a rainy, windy Christmas holiday day though.

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  1. Mum says:

    We bought this for Shaun one year, they come in three different levels, we bought the easiest, I don’t think it ever got completed though, Well done!

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