Treasure Hunt in Aberystwyth

The Christmas Holidays are disappearing fast and Tuesday looked likely to be the last dry day for a while so we headed off to do a treasure hunt in Aberystwyth.

We had bought my brother Jay and his family several treasure hunt packages from treasure trails as a Christmas present and had bought one for ourselves as well as they seemed like a good idea. We often set treasure trails ourselves for the Scouts and may be able to use this one for them as well, so thought that a treasure hunt in Aberystwyth would be fun – if only as an excuse to get Morgan out of the house.

Fishing in Borth

I started the day early with an unsuccessful fishing expedition in Borth with Lee. We caught nothing and as usual lost various bits of tackle. We have therefore decided that for now a successful fishing trip won’t be based on actually catching fish, but instead on not losing tackle. If we can come having caught nothing and lost nothing then that will be a success. If we actually catch something as well then it’s a bonus!

Treasure Hunt in Aberystwyth

We then drove into Aberystwyth (via the tip to get rid of Morgan’s old mattress).We parked not far from the seafront at the southern end of town and walked across to the new bandstand. It’s beginning to look more like a bandstand now and should soon be finished.

Aberystwyth Bandstand

Aberystwyth Bandstand

We then walked along the prom to the Pier where the treasure hunt began. The Treasure Hunt in Aberystwyth is based around a Murder Mystery. Each location you have to visit reveals a clue and each clue allows you to eliminate one of 17 suspects and 6 murder weapons from your investigations. By the end of the trail you should be left with just one suspect and one weapon. You can then enter your answers online to be entered into an annual prize draw.

We know Aberystwyth fairly well, so knew where we were going, but still had to look for and work out the clues at each location. From the pier we walked along the seafront towarsd the castle. We visited the War Memorial, the castle, went off towards the harbour and then investigated several backstreets before heading into town.

Standing Stone

Standing Stone

We stopped off at Coffee#1 for a coffee and some snacks and then continued with the treasure hunt in Aberystwyth, away from the shops a little and then back out onto the seafront.

It ended back at the pier where we started. The whole thing (without shopping and coffee stops) would have taken around 1-1 ½ hours and would be quite a nice way to explore the town for those that are new to Aberystwyth. We found out a few things that we didn’t know before as well, even if we didn’t get taken anywhere new. Morgan enjoyed it too and I’m sure with a little bit of parental help the Scouts will be able to follow the trail and solve the clues too.

Treasure Hunt in Aberystwyth

Treasure Hunt in Aberystwyth

Not a bad few hours out of the house in some nice summer sunshine which allowed me to try my new sunglasses out and it was certainly better than sitting in front of the TV all day long.

3 Responses

  1. Mum says:

    Sounds fun as well as interesting, presumably you solved the murder too?

  2. Mum says:

    I know that’s why you didn’t divulge the answers but just wanted to know if you solved it, I guessed you did, otherwise you’d still be there now!

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