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Beehaving in the Garden

‘Beehaving’? If you remember from my last post about the bees they had been ‘mis-beehaving’. I had performed an artificial split only for the half without the queen to be a little lax in creating a queen cell while the haf with the queen swarmed anyway leaving no queen cell behind. I think my actions have helped...

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A Walk around Ynyslas

It seems like ages since we’ve seen the sun, but it made a brief appearance here on Sunday so we went for as little walk around Ynyslas. Christmas Treats for the Bees I’d already been out for an early morning bike ride and a swim and then had come home, done loads of chores and had even...

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Busy Bees

With summer in full swing, the bees are getting busy. I had a phone call the other day about a swarm in Borth so went off to collect it. Catching swarms is one of my favourite things in beekeeping. Not only do I get free bees, but it’s always quite exciting and the onlookers have...

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