Aquascape with Fish

Just a quick photo of my aquascape with fish in it. If you look closely you can see the Golden Pencilfish that we added recently.

Aquascape with Fish

Aquascape with Fish

Aquascape with Fish

You can also see the Nymphoides on the left hand side – that’s the bright green plant at the back, and some new Anubius plants in the right foreground. I’m trying to resist the temptation to add too many plants now as I want to keep it fairly simple and also keep a nice open area for the fish to swim in but the slightly taller Nymphoides on the left hand side does help to balance the overall effect. It also sways nicely in the current which adds some movement to the picture.

I think it could possibly do with a few larger bits of rock on the left hand side now as well. The ones that are there have been obscured by the plants, which was predicted, but I think it could do with some structural elements and hardscape there. Although it will be quite difficult to add some now. I also need to grow some more stem plants behind the big mound of fern so as to cover up the big ugly black box of the filter. This shouldn’t be too difficult but I don’t want to it to become too overgrown either. It’s all a matter of balance I suppose, and a constant work in progress too.

The orange background thanks to the RGB LED lights gives a nice autumnal feel to the aquascape, and now that it’s an aquascape with fish it’s beginning to feel more alive. I just have to decide what to add next. Should I keep the fish stocking simple with just a larger shoal of Golden Pencilfish or should I add some other species as well?

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